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KJs Retaining Walls Scottsdale

Timber Retaining Walls

At KJs Retaining Walls, timber retaining walls are our specialty. We’ve been helping homeowners throughout Scottsdale AZ achieve their landscape design and construction goals. With timber as a natural choice, we offer timber retaining walls that are durable, sturdy and reliable with an aesthetically pleasing finish.

Timber is a popular material for our team here at KJs Retaining Walls, and can be the best option depending on the aesthetic and scope of project. If you think timber might be right for you but want to learn more about other options before deciding about what type of wall to choose from us first, give us a call now!

What kind of timber is best for retaining walls?

Choosing the wood for you timber retaining wall is a going to be depend on a few factors. You have to consider the timber’s durability, its aesthetics and the scope of the project. For instance, a Douglas Fir retaining wall will be on the more affordable side, but maybe less durable than other hardwoods. Juniper can be a great option as it is a timber that has natural aesthetic and can be fairly durable. It can also be used without chemical treatment.

What is the cheapest way to build a retaining wall?

Timber can be a great option for timber retaining wall as it is fairly durable and natural looking. If you are on the budget side of things, timber can be an excellent choice that will still provide both durability and aesthetics at a reasonable price. Cement and natural stone retaining walls are going to be more expensive option, but will also give you a more durable longer lasting structure. This depends on what you are looking for.

Proper Drainage

When building any type of retaining wall, it is important to ensure that there are proper drainage systems in place. Retaining walls can be vulnerable to water pooling and ultimately causing a structural failure, if the soil underlying them does not drain properly or has an incline which prevents adequate draining of rainwater. One way this problem may manifest itself is by seeing standing water where your wall meets the ground level.

When building a timber retaining wall, you can backfill it with gravel to help water drain from underneath it. In combination with a French drain, this can reroute the water from pooling at your timber retaining wall, which will help to keep it in its best condition.

Retaining walls are already subject to earth pressure, so adding water pressure can potentially be too much for the retaining wall to handle. That’s why it’s important to work with experienced professionals like KJs retaining walls.

Timber Retaining Walls Can Be Versatile

Building timber retaining walls is a versatile process, and timber can be used in many ways. One way this may manifest itself is by the timber being slotted into one another to form an L-shaped wall. The timber will need to have structural reinforcement when it’s set against soil for such structures because they are subject to earth pressure from the ground level.

Designing timber retaining walls that make use of these materials ensures you’ll get something beautiful with lasting durability–though there are other options as well when deciding on what material your new wall should be made of: like concrete or brick. KJs Retaining Walls has years of experience designing different types of timber retaining walls; we’re happy to discuss your project at any time!

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